Me giving a talk on concurrency

My name is Miguel Ibero and I am a software developer from Barcelona, Spain. I am currently working at Social Point, developing social games for smartphones. I'm interested in concurrency and software architecture. I'm mostly busy with Unity3D C# now and I like it, though my love will always be C++.


A C++11 asyncronous library I built to teach myself some advanced C++ templates. It adds continuation support to std::future and has it's own http client on top of libcurl.


A C++11 layer on top of OpenGL that simplifies the more tedious tasks of defining vertex attributes and also includes a asset loading system. Works on iOS and Android. One day (ehem) it will become a complete game engine! (not likely)


A C++11 wrapper for the JNI library that simplifies calling java code from C++ and the other way around. It will automatically create method signatures and convert containers.